Black & White Sesame Seed Blend ( Tuxedo Sesame seed mix)


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Black Sesame Seeds are an excellent garnish for your favorite dishes or used as a method of imparting a nutty flavor and slightly chewy texture. Sesame Seeds have a long history as being used in world cuisines as both a flavoring and garnish or processed into an oil and used to cook with. In addition to use as sesame oil black sesame is used in India to make Pinni and other sweet dishes. 

White sesame seeds are popular the world-wide as a both a key ingredient in numerous regional specialties as well as for use as a garnish or spice. White Sesame seeds are most commonly seen in America as a topping on baked goods but are often used to create the middle eastern dish tahini. Another popular usage of white sesame seed is as a topping on the Mexican dish Mole. 

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