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Vermont Maple Sugar Powder | All Natural Sweetener


Vermont Maple Sugar Powder | All Natural Sweetener

Great All Natural Sweetener Delicious on oatmeal, cereals, french toast, ham or corned beef glaze, or in hot tea or coffee. You can use Maple sugar with any recipe calling for Cane Sugar. ...
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Chile Whole Red, Chile - Spice Hut


Organic Chile Whole Red | Dried Chili Peppers

Whole dried chili peppers. Pods varying in length red to brownish red in color. Warm and Peppery! Intensely pungent flavor with a biting hot sharp and cumulative lingering effect. Price...
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Organic Mustard Seed Brown, Organic - Spice - Spice Hut

Organic - Spice

Organic Mustard Seed Brown | Whole | Powder | Potent

Mustard seeds are one of the most popular spices in the world and are more often than not used in the crafting of mustard paste. Brown mustard seeds have a...
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Organic Vanilla Beans, Organic - Spice - Spice Hut

Organic - Spice

Organic Vanilla Beans | Smooth | Creamy | Sweet | Treat

Vanilla is derived from the pods of a South American Orchid and was introduced to the world along with chocolate by Spanish conquistadors. Both vanilla and chocolate were immensely popular...
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Parsley | Fresh Dried Herbs

Organic - Spice

Parsley | Fresh Dried Herbs

Like many of our air dried herbs, dried parsley is often added to sauces, casseroles, dips, Italian sauces, herb blends, salad dressings, stuffing mixes, garnishes and bread.   
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Organic Garlic Powder, Organic - Spice - Spice Hut

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Garlic Powder | Great on Soups | Sauces | Pastas | Meats & Veggies

Garlic powder is a secret ingredient for those looking to add delicious garlic flavor to their soups sauces pastas and other recipes. Garlic powder is a great add in to...
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