Feel Good Herbal Tea

Feel Good Herbal Tea

Calming florals meet a touch of spice, creating a warm, inviting, and relaxing cup of Feel Good tea.
Caffeine Free


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Indulge in the comforting and flavorful cup of Feel Good Herbal Tea. This loose leaf blend combines calming and floral notes with a touch of spice, creating a truly relaxing and flavorful experience. Imagine the warm and inviting aroma of Feel Good tea as you sip on its blend of calming florals and a touch of cinnamon or ginger spice. This tea is perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a cozy night in.

This herbal tea blend of cinnamon, rose petal, anise, and many other herbs and spices makes for an excellent, warm, pick-me-up! Naturally caffeine free and naturally tasty! This tea will surely make you feel good!
Steeping Instructions

Herbal Tea Brewing Instructions

Brew a delightful cup of herbal tea and discover a world of flavors with these simple steps:

  1. Heat water to the appropriate temperature for your specific herbal tea (refer to packaging instructions or recommendations). Water temperature can vary depending on the herbs used, typically ranging from 195°F to boiling water.
  2. Pour hot water over herbal tea blend (amount can vary depending on the blend) in a teapot or infuser. Refer to the packaging for recommended amount.
  3. Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes, depending on the specific herbs and your desired strength. Stronger herbs may require a shorter steeping time.
  4. Strain and enjoy! Herbal tea can be enjoyed hot or iced. Some herbal teas may benefit from additional flavorings like honey, lemon, or mint.
  • Always follow the steeping instructions provided on the herbal tea packaging for optimal flavor.
  • Experiment with different steeping times to find your perfect strength.
  • Consider using a tea timer to ensure precise steeping times, especially for unfamiliar herbal blends.

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