Organic Jasmine Green Tea Matcha Powder
Organic Jasmine Green Tea Matcha Powder
Organic Jasmine Green Tea Matcha Powder
Organic Jasmine Green Tea Matcha Powder
Organic Jasmine Green Tea Matcha Powder

Organic Jasmine Green Tea Matcha Powder

Delicate jasmine aroma mingles with the earthy notes of green tea. Each sip offers a delightful balance of vegetal and floral flavors, promoting relaxation.
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Organic Green Tea Jasmine Matcha: Indulge in the delicate floral notes of jasmine blended with the earthy character of green tea matcha. This powder offers a unique and calming tea experience.

Experience: As you whisk the matcha, the enchanting aroma of jasmine fills the air. Each sip offers a delightful balance between the vegetal notes of green tea and the delicate sweetness of jasmine.

Health Benefits: Green tea matcha may aid in digestion and promote relaxation. Jasmine is known for its calming properties.

Jasmine has a very strong and fresh aroma to it. When paired with the earthy and delicate scents of matcha, the product is simply irresistible. Matcha originated in Japan, and unlike regular tea leaves, which are removed after brewing, matcha powder is whisked into water and consumed entirely, ensuring that your body is absorbing the highest concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals possible.

Jasmine, a unique and fragrant flower, is native to warm and tropical parts of the world, such as Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania. The flower is typically white or yellow, or on the rare occasion, red. The growth and cultivation of Jasmine varies a lot in different regions and they can be either evergreen, meaning their leaves stay green all year, or deciduous, meaning their leaves drop in the fall.


1 - Measure - add 1/2 teaspoon matcha into bowl
2 - Pour - add 8-10 oz. of water (just under boiling)*
3 - Whisk - Until frothy... Pour into cup and enjoy!
Steeping Instructions

Matcha Tea Brewing Instructions

Experience the vibrant taste of matcha with this traditional brewing method:

  1. Sift ½ teaspoon of matcha powder into a bowl. Sifting removes clumps and ensures a smooth cup of matcha.
  2. Add a small amount of cool water (just enough to make a paste) and whisk vigorously until smooth. A bamboo whisk is ideal for matcha, but a regular whisk can also be used.
  3. Pour in 4-6 oz of hot water (not boiling) and whisk again until frothy. Matcha is traditionally whisked until a nice foam forms on the surface.
  4. Enjoy matcha straight or add a touch of milk or sweetener if desired. Matcha can be enjoyed hot or iced.
  • For a more traditional experience, use a bamboo whisk to achieve a frothy matcha.
  • High-quality matcha powder will result in a brighter green color and a more intense flavor.
  • Matcha can be enjoyed as a tea or incorporated into lattes, smoothies, or baked goods.

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