Black Tea Chai Concentrate | Ready-to-Use Indian Spiced Chai

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Organic Selection

Freely sourced ingredients from organic farms and producers. Gluten Free!

Introducing our remarkable black tea chai concentrate, aka “Tiger Chai,” meticulously crafted to satisfy your cravings for an authentic cup of Indian masala chai…the real masala chai.

Our organic masala chai concentrate is a labor of love – freshly ground spices are hand-blended with pure Assam black tea, and then slowly brewed in small batches for the most authentic tasting Indian Spiced Chai concentrate.

From the moment you open the bottle, the aroma of sweet spices and black tea will bring back memories of drinking chai at home, the gurdwara, in India, or at every wedding reception.

This is a ready-to-use chai concentrate, meaning it’s super easy – just mix it with your favorite milk using a 1:1 ratio of chai to milk. Heat, and enjoy!

Our Tiger Chai tastes amazing in all alternative milks, so it’s never been easier to make a cup of Oat Milk Chai, Almond Milk Chai, Hemp Milk Chai, or Soy Milk Chai. Our Black Tea Chai Concentrate can also be used to make the most delicious Chai Lattes.

Prior to opening the bottle, this chai tea concentrate is shelf-stable for up to 6 months.

We have carefully added the perfect amount of pure cane sugar for a balanced flavor – not overly sweet, but just enough to bring forward the incredible flavor of the spices and black tea.


Quick and Easy Masala Tea Concentrate Recipe:

Use 1:1 Ratio of Chai Concentrate with the Milk* of your choice. Heat and enjoy!

*Use with any alternative milk to create:  Oatmilk Chai, Almond Milk Chai, Hemp Milk Chai, etc..

Dairy Free Chai Concentrate:

To make a Dairy-free masala chai for vegans, mix this chai concentrate with the dairy-free milk of your choice. Use a 1:1 ratio, heat, and enjoy!

How to make frothy masala tea, using this chai concentrate:

To make a frothy masala tea, you can steam the milk of your choice, or use a hand frother. Alternatives, you could use a small whisk to make your chai have a frothy texture.


Sip with a Purpose: Why do we call our black tea chai concentrate “Tiger Chai?”

India's natural beauty has long captivated the world, from its jungles to its shores, but nothing is more iconic than the tiger. Many of the spices used in our chai are sourced from the same region in India that is home to the majestic tiger. By purchasing our chai, you can give the gift of life to tigers. A portion of every purchase is donated to the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve in India.

Premium Quality Masala Chai Syrup / Chai Concentrate for Cafes and Restaurants:

Unlock the secret to serving exquisite masala chai in your café or restaurant with our exceptional chai concentrates. Crafted with precision and authenticity, our concentrates are designed to elevate the chai-drinking experience of your patrons and guests. Indulge them in the rich flavors and aromatic spices that define traditional Indian masala chai. With our ready-to-use chai concentrates, you can effortlessly prepare batch after batch of delicious chai, saving time and ensuring consistent quality.

Please contact us directly for Wholesale Chai Concentrate for your Cafe, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, or store.

  • Chai Concentrate is Shelf Stable for 6 Months
  • Ready-to-Use Chai Concentrate
  • Mix at ratio of 1:1 with milk of your choice
  • Contains Caffeine
  • Tastes great with all milk alternatives
  • Easy to Use
  • Authentic Chai Flavor

The Spice Hut Story

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Our Story

Mundir Sidhu, owner and creator of Spice Hut, grew up learning and taking inspiration from her mother in India, about the fine art of blending and grinding spices. Her upbringing illuminated all the possibilities for creating impactful dishes and spices. The past 40 years have been dedicated to the flavor perfection of every ingredient, blend, and meals that anyone can enjoy. A proudly certified minority-owned business, Spice Hut opened its doors in Bellingham, WA, in 2004 and has been serving the community with premium quality teas and spices ever since.

Our Process

At Spice Hut, we have spent years scouring the globe for the finest, highest quality teas and spices available. All of our ingredients are natural and undergo rigorous inspection. Everything at Spice Hut is blended, ground, and hand-packaged to order so that we can deliver you the freshest products direct to you home.

Our Goal

Consuming food and drink is the most basic fundamental human requirement to sustain life. It is the catalyst that carries our bodies every day, and gives us the strength and motivation we need to just simply exist. But at The Spice Hut, we believe that among these qualities, food also has the innate ability to bring people together, to excite people, and to change peoples lives. Our self proclaimed mantra is that anyone can cook and produce their favorite meals to indulge in. Our products reflect that joy we feel for creation and excitement about your meals, every single day.