Milk Oolong Tea

Milk Oolong Tea

Luxuriously smooth and subtly sweet, Milk Oolong tea offers a comforting cup with a unique milky taste.
Medium Caffeine


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Indulge in the creamy richness of Milk Oolong Tea. This loose leaf tea is crafted using a unique process that imbues the tea leaves with a smooth and milky taste. Imagine the luxurious and comforting taste of Milk Oolong tea, with its smooth texture and subtle sweetness. This tea is perfect for a special occasion or a relaxing afternoon treat.

Milk Oolong is one of those rare finds enjoyed by tea beginners and experts alike. It indeed has a light creamy flavor layered in on top of its great orchid like notes and smooth taste. The method of processing was probably discovered by accident - and there are legends about it - but in modern times it basically involves initially processing the leaves in a very cool air conditioned room then suddenly steaming it just prior to final drying.
Steeping Instructions

Oolong Tea Brewing Instructions

Oolong teas offer a diverse range of flavors. Use these instructions as a guide and experiment to find your perfect tasting cup:

  1. Heat water to just under a boil (185-199°F)
  2. Pour hot water over oolong tea leaves (1-2 teaspoons per 8 oz water) in a teapot or infuser.
  3. Cover and steep for 2-5 minutes, depending on your desired strength and the type of oolong tea. Experiment to find the perfect balance for your preference. Lighter oolongs may require shorter steeping times.
  4. Strain and enjoy! Oolong tea can be enjoyed hot or iced.
  • Oolong tea leaves can be steeped multiple times. Experiment with subsequent steeps to discover the evolving flavor profile.
  • High-quality oolong tea leaves from The Spice Hut will result in a more complex and nuanced flavor.
  • Consider using a tea timer to ensure precise steeping times, especially when experimenting with different oolong teas.

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