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Organic Selection

Freely sourced ingredients from organic farms and producers. Gluten Free!

Vanilla is derived from the pods of a South American Orchid and was introduced to the world along with chocolate by Spanish conquistadors. Both vanilla and chocolate were immensely popular in Europe and attempts were made to cultivate vanilla in various locations. The attempts to plant and grow the smoothly flavored bean were futile until it was discovered that it was possible to hand pollinate the plant. Upon discovery of hand pollinating methods vanilla was planted in Madagascar where it is now principally grown. Vanilla is excellent in baking where the seeds can be used as a flavoring or the whole bean can be used. | Vanilla Beans are a decadently smooth and creamy sweet treat. Great in baking and making drinks.


The Spice Hut Story

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Our Story

Mundir Sidhu, owner and creator of Spice Hut, grew up learning and taking inspiration from her mother in India, about the fine art of blending and grinding spices. Her upbringing illuminated all the possibilities for creating impactful dishes and spices. The past 40 years have been dedicated to the flavor perfection of every ingredient, blend, and meals that anyone can enjoy. A proudly certified minority-owned business, Spice Hut opened its doors in Bellingham, WA, in 2004 and has been serving the community with premium quality teas and spices ever since.

Our Process

At Spice Hut, we have spent years scouring the globe for the finest, highest quality teas and spices available. All of our ingredients are natural and undergo rigorous inspection. Everything at Spice Hut is blended, ground, and hand-packaged to order so that we can deliver you the freshest products direct to you home.

Our Goal

Consuming food and drink is the most basic fundamental human requirement to sustain life. It is the catalyst that carries our bodies every day, and gives us the strength and motivation we need to just simply exist. But at The Spice Hut, we believe that among these qualities, food also has the innate ability to bring people together, to excite people, and to change peoples lives. Our self proclaimed mantra is that anyone can cook and produce their favorite meals to indulge in. Our products reflect that joy we feel for creation and excitement about your meals, every single day.