Scottish Breakfast Black Tea 16 Count Tea Bag Sachets in a Box
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Scottish Breakfast Black Tea

Kickstart your day with the robust and malty taste of Scottish Breakfast black tea.
High Caffeine


Tea Box - 16 Tea Bags
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4 oz 40-50 CUPS
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8 oz 80-100 CUPS
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1 LB 200 - 250 CUPS
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Bulk Tea Bags - 50 Count
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Sample 3 - 5 Cups
$ 1.86

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Breakfast teas are stronger and traditionally more robust than other teas making them an excellent choice for your morning cup. Our Scottish Breakfast features a combination of Assam, Nilgiri, and Chinese black teas blended into one deep flavored medley of malty and slightly smoky undertones with a light caramel aftertaste

Malty Morning Kickstart: Malty and strong with a bold and unflavored character, Scottish Breakfast black tea is perfect for a morning pick-me-up.

Rich and robust: The full-bodied malty flavor offers a powerful and invigorating start to your day.

Traditional awakening: Steep a cup of Scottish Breakfast black tea and embrace the robust taste that has awakened tea lovers for generations.
Steeping Instructions

Black Tea Brewing Instructions

Brew a perfect cup of black tea with these simple steps:

  1. Bring water to a boil (200°F).
  2. Pour hot water over black tea leaves (1-2 teaspoons per 8 oz water) in a teapot or infuser.
  3. Cover and steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on your desired strength. A longer steep will produce a stronger flavor.
  4. Strain and enjoy! Black tea can be enjoyed hot or iced with milk and sugar (optional).
  • For a stronger cup, use more tea leaves or a longer steeping time.
  • High-quality black tea leaves from The Spice Hut will result in a more flavorful brew.
  • Consider using a tea timer to ensure precise steeping times.

Steeped in tradition, our family-owned tea shop has been crafting loose leaf teas and sustainable tea bags for over 20 years.
We curate a selection of calming herbal and full-bodied teas of all varieties, perfect for a moment of peace in your day.

20 Years of Crafting Tea

Our tea is carefully designed with the intention to slow down, take time for yourself and embrace a moment of stillness.

Pure Teas & Botanicals

Creation for us, is an ever-changing craft. It begins with selectively sourcing the finest teas from around world and blending them with pure and natural ingredients we are truly passionate about

Sustainable Sipping

Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with our Plant-Based, Biodegradable Tea Bags, and 100% Microplastic-Free

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