Vermont Maple Sugar Powder | All Natural Sweetener

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  • Great All Natural Sweetener

Delicious on oatmeal, cereals, french toast, ham or corned beef glaze, or in hot tea or coffee. You can use Maple sugar with any recipe calling for Cane Sugar. 

Maple sugar is made by boiling down 100% Pure Maple Syrup. 

Maple Sugar is a healthy alternative and even has health benefits! Our sugar is Gluten free and pure, no fillers. 

Steeped in tradition, our family-owned tea shop has been crafting loose leaf teas and sustainable tea bags for over 20 years.
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20 Years of Crafting Tea

Our tea is carefully designed with the intention to slow down, take time for yourself and embrace a moment of stillness.

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Creation for us, is an ever-changing craft. It begins with selectively sourcing the finest teas from around world and blending them with pure and natural ingredients we are truly passionate about

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Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with our Plant-Based, Biodegradable Tea Bags, and 100% Microplastic-Free

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