Pure Yerba Mate - South American Tea
Pure Yerba Mate - South American Tea
Pure Yerba Mate - South American Tea
Pure Yerba Mate - South American Tea
Pure Yerba Mate - South American Tea
Pure Yerba Mate - South American Tea

Pure Yerba Mate - South American Tea

Embrace the earthy notes of Yerba Mate tea and enjoy its natural energy boost. Studies suggest potential benefits for weight management and athletic performance.
High Caffeine


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Considered the friendship tea in South America, this Brazilian variety is traditionally served in a hollowed gourd and sipped from a special straw called a bombilla. Naturally caffeinated and rich in vitamins and minerals, this tea provides sustained energy without the jitters or "crash" associated with coffee. Its woody and earthy characteristics pair well with a touch of honey. Serve hot or iced

Unleash Your Inner Energy: Earthy and invigorating, Yerba Mate tea is a natural source of caffeine and antioxidants.

Feel the uplift: Each sip delivers a stimulating and refreshing experience, promoting mental focus and alertness.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle: Studies suggest that Yerba Mate may contribute to weight management and improved athletic performance.

Energize your day: Start your day strong with a cup of Yerba Mate and experience the invigorating difference.
Steeping Instructions

Yerba Mate Tea Brewing Instructions

Energize your day with a cup of yerba mate tea using this traditional method:

  1. Fill your mate gourd or french press ¾ full with yerba mate leaves (a coarse grind is best).
  2. Cover the opening with your thumb or a bombilla (metal straw) and tilt the gourd to one side. This helps separate the leaves from the stem.
  3. Pour hot water (not boiling, ideally 175-195°F depending on desired strength) over the leaves, filling the gourd or french press ¾ full. Do not pour boiling water directly on the leaves.
  4. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Avoid over-steeping, as it can make the tea bitter.
  5. Sip through the bombilla, avoiding the leaves at the bottom. The bombilla filters out the leaves.
  6. You can refill the gourd with hot water for multiple steeps. Yerba mate leaves can be steeped multiple times.
  • A special mate gourd and bombilla are traditionally used for yerba mate, but a french press can be substituted.
  • Start with cooler water (around 175°F) for a milder brew and adjust the temperature for your preference (up to 195°F). Hotter water will produce a stronger brew.
  • Experiment with steeping times to find your perfect balance of flavor and strength.

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