Tradition in Every Sip: Chinese New Year Tea Collection

Celebrate Chinese New Year with our exquisite collection of teas, carefully curated to bring joy and prosperity to your festivities. Indulge in the rich and floral notes of Ti Kwan Yin, a symbol of good fortune that emanates positive energy with its smooth taste. Enhance the atmosphere of happiness and good luck with our Jasmine Blossoms tea, a fragrant and soothing blend perfect for joyous gatherings. For a refreshing and slightly sweet option, savor the taste of Chrysanthemum tea, known for its cooling properties and ideal for celebrating the auspicious occasion. Embrace good luck and prosperity with Dragonwell Tea, a green tea with unique chestnut-like flavor and flat, sword-shaped leaves. Elevate your Chinese New Year celebrations with the premium Keemun Black Tea (Qi Men Hong Cha) from Qimen County, Anhui Province, renowned for its winey and fruity notes. Start the new year with these exceptional teas, symbolizing tradition, positivity, and a prosperous future. Cheers to a delightful Chinese New Year filled with flavor and good fortune!

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