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Fenugreek Leaves - Kasoori Methi

Explore the unique taste and potential health benefits of Fenugreek Leaves. A staple in Indian cuisine, it adds a nutty flavor to curries, dals, and vegetable dishes.
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Introduce the unique flavor and health benefits of Fenugreek Leaves to your cooking. These fragrant dried leaves boast a slightly bitter, nutty flavor with a hint of maple. Fenugreek is a staple spice in Indian cuisine and is often used in curries, dals, and vegetable dishes. Note: Fenugreek leaves can have a strong aroma, so use them in moderation.

Fenugreek leaves are used as a flavoring herb in curries and cuisines from India and the Middle East. With a potent musky aroma and pronounced herbal flavor fenugreek leaves are also often used in Lentil Daals, Sabji's and other Indian dishes. Fenugreek is also known as methi and is respected as an addition to the chefs arsenal for preparing delicious curries.
More Info about this Spice
Botanical Name

Trigonella foenum-graecum


Western Asia, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. Fenugreek leaves are the fresh leaves of the fenugreek plant. Dried fenugreek leaves are also available.

Flavor Profile

Strong, maple syrup-like aroma, with a bitter and slightly nutty flavor. Fresher leaves have a less intense flavor.

Culinary Uses

* South Asian Cuisine: Used in curries, spice blends (especially kasuri methi)

* Added to some flatbreads

* Use sparingly due to the strong flavor

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