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Habanero Flakes

Warning: Extremely hot.


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Embrace the fiery heat and vibrant color of Habanero Flakes. These flakes, made from dried habanero peppers, deliver an intense, scorching heat with a lingering fruity flavor. Use with extreme caution due to their potency. A sprinkle is enough to add a significant kick to pizzas, tacos, or chili.

From the freshest hand picked habanero chile peppers available in Eastern Mexico comes one of the hottest peppers in the world. Our Habanero Chile Flakes make a wonderful addition to any dish. They have a wonderful taste and aroma sweet yet intensely spicy. Pair its tropical fruity taste with fresh mangoes tomatoes onions and cilantro and the flavors meld wonderfully to give you one amazingly simple hot salsa.
More Info about this Spice
Botanical Name

Capsicum chinense


Caribbean and South America. Habanero flakes are dried and crushed habanero peppers.

Flavor Profile

Intensely hot, fruity, with a floral aroma.

Culinary Uses

* Use with extreme caution due to the heat

* Hot sauces, jerk seasoning (very small amounts)

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