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Long Pepper (Indian Pipli, Piper Longum) - Whole / Ground

Discover the unique warmth and subtle heat of Long Pepper. Perfect for Indian cuisine, broths, stews, and adding an intriguing layer of flavor to your dishes.


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Explore the unique flavor profile of Long Pepper. These long, slender berries offer a complex taste that combines the heat of black pepper with warm, earthy notes and a hint of cinnamon. Long pepper is traditionally used in Indian cuisine, but its versatility makes it a worthy addition to broths, stews, and marinades.

The long pepper has been used for centuries in Mediterranean, African, Indian, and Indonesian cooking although it has almost fallen into obscurity in the past few hundred years. The long pepper comes from a flowering vine with large catkin flowers. Within each flower are small black spikes that are the actual pepper.

The taste is very similar to regular black pepper and it is a relative of the species piper nigrum but with a much hotter taste and an almost earthy sweet overtone. It has been reported that Attila the Hun demanded part of the ransom for his sacking of Rome to be paid in long peppers.

One of the most notable uses is as an ingredient in herbal medicine includes adding long pepper with ginger and black pepper in a popular base ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine called Trikatu. As a stand alone medicinal herb it has been used for treating coughs colds fevers and a variety of stomach ailments.
More Info about this Spice
Botanical Name

Piper longum


South Asia (India, Sri Lanka). Long pepper is a relative of black peppercorns, but with a more complex flavor profile.

Flavor Profile

Warm, peppery, with hints of cloves, cinnamon, and woody notes. Less pungent than black pepper.

Culinary Uses

* South Asian Cuisine: Used in curries, spice blends (especially garam masala)

* Can be used whole or ground

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