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Organic Cinnamon Cassia

Indulge in the bold, warming spice of Organic Cinnamon Cassia. Perfect for baking and adding a kick to various dishes.
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More commonly sold ground, Organic Cinnamon Cassia offers a stronger, more pungent flavor compared to Ceylon cinnamon. It is a popular choice for baking and adds a warming spice character to dishes.

Cinnamon Cassia is a close relative to Ceylon Cinnamon or true cinnamon and is often used in place of Ceylon cinnamon as the two flavors are so similar. In the United States market it is very likely that when one purchases cinnamon either as a spice or in a dish they are more than likely actually purchasing cinnamon cassia. The flavor of cinnamon cassia is warm slightly spicy and slightly sweet with an elemental taste to it.
More Info about this Spice
Botanical Name

Cinnamomum cassia


South China. Cassia cinnamon is the most common type of cinnamon found in grocery stores.

Flavor Profile

Warm, strong, with a pungent and spicy flavor.

Culinary Uses

* Global: All-purpose spice for sweet and savory dishes

* Baked goods, curries, stews

* Cassia cinnamon is more affordable than Ceylon cinnamon

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