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Organic Dill Seeds - Whole / Ground

Experience the concentrated flavor of Organic Dill Seeds. Whole seeds are perfect for pickling, while ground powder adds a licorice-like touch to savory dishes.


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Dill seeds offer a more intense and concentrated flavor compared to dill weed. Whole dill seeds are often used in pickling, while ground dill powder adds a warming, licorice-like touch to savory dishes.

Dill seed is a very popular spice that is used for pickling vegetables as a spice in borscht and as a flavoring in many cured fish dishes like gravlax (cured salmon). The flavor of dill seed is similar to that of parsley anise and celery with a hint of lemon.
More Info about this Spice
Botanical Name

Anethum graveolens


Western Asia, Mediterranean region. Dill seeds are the fruit of the dill plant.

Flavor Profile

Warm, earthy, with a milder flavor than dill weed, but with similar citrusy notes.

Culinary Uses

* European: Pickling brine, potato salad, rye bread * Indian Subcontinent: Curries (sometimes)

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