Organic Madras Curry Masala - Spicy Seasoning for Indian Cooking
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Organic Madras Curry Masala - Spicy Seasoning for Indian Cooking

Organic Madras Curry Masala - Spicy Seasoning for Indian Cooking

Unlock the bold and fiery flavors of South Indian curries with this aromatic blend.


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Experience the fiery depths of South Indian curries with this blend. This robust blend features a symphony of spices like chilies, coriander, turmeric, and fenugreek, creating a complex and flavorful base for your curries. Simmer lamb, chicken, or vegetables in a flavorful Madras curry sauce for an authentic taste of South India. Add a touch of fiery warmth to stews, lentil dishes, or stir-fries.

A regional favorite from Southern India, and a favorite of The Spice Hut. Our Madras Curry offers a fantastic blend of rich spices, sweet cinnamon, and spicy chiles to provide a bit of heat to any dish.

Madras Curry is known for its peppery bite and is perfect for any variety of chicken, beef, or lamb. But made into a sauce or a paste, this blend can be utilized in many more ways. Try this curry mixture on potatoes or over rice.
More Info about this Spice

A flavorful blend originating in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Bold, warm, and slightly spicy with a blend of chilies, coriander, cumin, turmeric, and fenugreek.

Suggested Uses

Perfect for curries, stews, lentil dishes (sambar), and marinades in South Indian cuisine. Adds depth and complexity to curries from other regions of India.

Cooking Techniques

Use as a dry rub or add a teaspoon of whole spice blend to hot oil at the beginning of cooking to release the aromatics. Alternatively, grind the spices just before using for a more intense flavor.

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