Organic Sumac - (Rhus Coriaria)

Organic Sumac - (Rhus Coriaria)

Discover the unique tartness of Sumac. Perfect for grilled dishes, vegetables, and adding a surprising twist to fruit salads.


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Sumac is often used in Middle Eastern cuisines to impart a citrusy tangy flavor and aroma to meats and kabobs. Other popular uses of Sumac include flavoring hummus and salads as well as the staple spice blend Za'atar. Sumac has a lemony aroma and a beautiful purple color.

Introduce the vibrant tang of Organic Sumac to your culinary creations. This unique Middle Eastern spice features a deep red color and a pleasantly tart flavor with a hint of lemon. Sumac enhances grilled meats, vegetables, dips, and even adds a delightful touch to fruit salads. Explore its versatility and discover a new dimension of flavor in your favorite dishes.

More Info about this Spice
Botanical Name:

Rhus coriaria


Mediterranean region and Middle East. Sumac is a flowering shrub, and the spice is made from the ground, dried berries.

Flavor Profile:

Tangy, citrusy, with a slightly acidic flavor.

Culinary Uses:

Middle Eastern: Used as a souring agent in dips (za'atar), on grilled meats, and salads.

Turkish: Manti (dumplings)

North African: Couscous dishes

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