It’s important to stay in touch with your mind and body. Checking in occasionally is healthy, and allows you to move forward in life as your best self. Tea has been used for thousands of years to soothe the mind and body, increase energy and focus, and more. Be conscious about which teas you choose to enter your life. What’s great about tea is you can take it anywhere, make it as strong as you’d like, try endless flavors, and combine different teas and herbs!


Personally, I have never liked coffee. I’ve never enjoyed the taste and I don’t do very well with caffeine. Almost my whole family can’t get through a day without it. I always just drank water whenever we went out to eat. I discovered tea my senior year of high school, and ever since, I haven’t been able to give it up! The comfort and warmth of a cup of tea is all I need to not just get through a day, but to savor and appreciate a day.


I don’t know about you, but my body is super sensitive. I think it has it out for me. My body even has reactions to common medicines. Tea has helped so much with all of my issues; body and mind. It’s a natural remedy that flows with my body, rather than interrupting its processes. I know that if I have a stomach ache, I need a tea with a nice kick of ginger. A sore throat can only be solved with some licorice root or Cold Eliminator from the Spice Hut. Even if I’m just having trouble sleeping, I just whip up a cup if Chamomile Dreams and get back to bed.

Take this short quiz and find out which tea will help you out with your current situation! Then, take a look around the Spice Hut website, or stop into the store, to learn about some other teas you might like!

Disclaimer: We are not doctors, just tea experts/enthusiasts. Do not use tea alone to treat any serious conditions.

1. How has your mental state been lately?
a. Totally chill.
b. Stressed out! I don’t even have time to take this quiz!
c. Depressed…

2. How has your energy level been lately?
a. Average, no ups and downs.
b. I’d probably be able to run on water if I went any faster.
c. There’s a perfect imprint of my butt on the couch.

3. Do you feel like you have time to drink tea?
a. I could probably fit it into my routine.
b. Wait, you have to like steep it, right? Um no. I'm already late for tomorrow.
c. I have a lot of time on my hands, so yeah.

4. Do you like the taste and effects of coffee?
a. Yeah! Both! The blacker the better.
b. Don't even look at me before I've had my six-shot, two-pump hazelnut, extra hot, soy latte.
c. I like the taste fine, but I don't do well with caffeine.

5. Pick your favorite breakfast.
a. Chicken-fried steak and eggs.
b. Yogurt and granola.
c. Pancakes and bacon.

See you results below!

Mostly A’s:
Your perfect tea is Kambaa Afrika. 

Give yourself a boost of energy with this exotic black tea! Robust in flavor, Kambaa helps you to better hone in your focus and improves your intestinal health. Take this loose-leaf right out of the house with an on-the-go steeper or T-sac, both available at The Spice Hut!

Mostly B’s:
Your perfect tea is Mystic Mint.

This herbal tea is rich in flavor and benefits. The mint calms you down and the rose stimulates your senses. Plus, the ginger works to settle your brain's partner in crime, the stomach. The pre-measured bags will also save you time in the morning! Just throw one in your travel mug with hot water and go!

Mostly C’s:
Your perfect tea is Milk Oolong.

Once just for royals, this oolong tea boosts your mood and helps to prevent a lot of diseases, including diabetes and cancer. Aside from what its name suggest, this tea is naturally dairy-free. Get the most out of Milk Oolong by steeping it in a cast iron pot, available at the Spice Hut!


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