temp-post-imagewith all the health benefits of green tea why wouldn’t you drink a cup or two a day? gyokuro also known as jade dew is one of the highest grades of green tea and it comes to us from japan. i’m in love with this tea because it has a slight sweet flavor with a green infusion.

the other thing i like about this tea is watching the tea leaves unfurl and expand. just add the leaves directly into a tea glass and add water. the whole experience is so relaxing. if you are using boiled water for this tea it’ll make the tea have a bitter flavor so use the following temperature (122°F-140°F) i use a Capresso tea kettle which has water temperature settings for various tea types. you will notice the difference in your tea flavor when steeped at the correct temperature.



all tea comes from the same plant camellia sinensis. what makes the tea black, oolong, green or white is how it is grown, harvested, and processed. gyokuru is shaded from direct sunlight for about three weeks before it is harvested and its usually harvested in the spring. the reason for shading the plants is that it increases the chlorophyll production in the plants. the increased green chlorophyll pigment changes the natural balance of caffeine, sugars and flavanols. matcha is also shade grown leaves. the tea leaves are steamed, leaves cut and the stems removed, after this the leaves are dried and ground into fine powder using a stone mill. to make a good cup of matcha, use a bamboo whisk. add a spoon of matcha into a bowl, add water just under boil and whisk vigorously in a zig zag motion to create a frothy tea. start your morning with a cup of matcha or gyokuru and notice the increased energy. green tea has tons of health benefits from great looking skin to weight loss.


matcha kit has everything you need for a great cuppa matcha….. a toast to your good health.



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