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Nachos! One of my favorite “junk food” meals. The crisp chips, taco meat, cheese, onions, olives.... you get the idea.

But what if we could have nachos with no guilt? What if I told you we can? I mean, of course we have to make some adjustments and omit some of the staple nacho ingredients. But it can still be a very satisfying, yet healthier, pile of nacho goodness. 

For this meal, I let my chicken thighs (or breasts or pork) simmer in the crockpot for 4 hours with a little bone broth, Spice Hut Taco Seasoning, Spice Hut Minced Onion and Spice Hut Thyme. When it was done, I shredded the chicken and kept it in the crockpot on warm until my “chips” were done.

For the chips, I fried sliced plantains. I lightly fried each side, smashed them flat, and fried them until crispy. This is tricky as they can easily burn. My “chips” weren’t all as crispy as I liked, and I could possibly bake them in the oven or use my air fryer for the 2nd frying round. Next time.

For the Avocado Lime sauce, I mashed an avocado and added lime juice and a bit of ranch (I make my own).

Of course you can always use traditional nacho chips if you prefer. And I will admit it would be easier. But I love experimenting with foods and trying new things. Honestly, I love the plantain chips more because they are delicious and better for you. And my husband devoured two helpings of these yummy, healthier nachos, so they must be good!

For the chicken I used 

  • Bone broth

  • Taco Seasoning from The Spice Hut

  • Minced Onion from The Spice Hut

  • Thyme from The Spice Hut

  • Simmer in crockpot until done and shreddable, I did mine on 4 hours.

The chips

  • Plantain slices, lightly fried each side, mashed flat, then fried until crisp. 

Avocado Lime Sauce

  • One mashed avocado

  • Ranch

  • Lime juice

Add chopped green onion, or any of your favorite healthier nacho toppings. 

Please note I didn’t add amounts of anything because you can make this recipe with however much you want of each ingredient. Cook to your taste and everyone will enjoy it!


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