Earl Grey. A completely counterintuitive title for such an exceptional flavor combination. 

I grew up watching my father drink Earl Grey. When the name rolled off of his tongue I saw a flash of dull, outdated grey. I saw a flavorless and boring cup of tea that would never cross my mind in any way resembling interest. How was I supposed to know that I was missing out on such a treat for 20 years?

When I began working at the Spice Hut, I steered clear of anything "traditional." Having a CONSUMING sweet tooth, I was attracted to all of the fluff of teas like "Fudgy Cupcake," "Carrot Cake," and "Cookies & Cream." Which, don't get me wrong, are great teas. But, I was depriving myself of a whole new world full of unique and historical flavors.

Let's get one thing straight that never occurred to me before, but I am going to say it loud and proud now in case any of you guys need to hear it too. Traditional, classic, and widely popular teas are good! They have persevered and lasted through the decades for this reason. Never doubt our ancestors that were probably sipping on a nice hot cup of tea like it was liquid gold. 

What's especially interesting to me, is that if I would've taken the time to actually smell the tea, I would've been very enticed. The fruit loop, delicious nostalgic cereal milk smell could be the only scent I ever smelled in my life and I would still be happy. 

For those of Earl Grey noobies out there (just like me a year ago), the tea is traditionally comprised of a black tea, infused with oil of bergamot.

So what's a bergamot?

Bergamot is a very fragrant citrus fruit. Similar to limes in appearance, but the size of an orange. The flavor is a bit bitter and sour. But when paired with tea leaves, the fruitiness is brought out.

 What's even more exciting, is when Earl Grey is paired with vanilla. The combination is a match made in flavor heaven. 

 Because of its delicious flavor variety, we offer many different Earl Grey's. 

Creme de la Earl

A best seller of ours. Proclaimed as the Vanilla Earl Grey. A sweet, creamy blend of black tea, bergamot, and rich vanilla. It is what we use in our London Fog lattes. It is what we always suggest for Earl Grey lovers, because it is such a unique and delightful tea.

Earl Grey Special

This is our most off-kilter Earl Grey. It is blended with black tea, lots of bergamot, pieces of dried orange peel, and lemon grass. A truly citrus-y take on a classic drink. Excellent on its own. Full of rich and vibrant flavors and colors.

Earl Grey/Organic Earl Grey

Traditional, classic, tasty Earl Grey's. Comes in both original and organic. Our take on a classic tea. Offers black tea as the bold and rich base. 

Earl Grey Rooibos

A naturally caffeine free, nutty Rooibos tea with the bold flavors of bergamot. A unique twist on a classic drink, but totally delicious and clever!

Earl Grey Green

A blend of crisp green tea paired with the tangy citrus flavors of bergamot. A very different experience of Earl Grey then the others, but equally as delicious and exciting.



An interesting excerpt on the origins of Earl Grey from Farmers Almanac:

Charles, the second Earl Grey, was the Prime Minister of Great Britain in the 1830s. While we know the British enjoy their tea, it’s not entirely clear how this specific combination of black tea and citrusy Bergamot become associated with Earl Grey. Stories abound about the origin of the famous tea blend. One story suggests it was created by accident when a container of tea and Bergamot oranges were shipped together from Chinese diplomats to Earl Grey. The essence of the fruit was said to have been absorbed by the tea during transit. Another account suggests that a Chinese mandarin acquaintance created the tea blend to improve the unpleasant mineral taste of the water at the Grey estate. A London tea house claims to have released the blend at the request of Earl Grey in the 1830s. But the exact story remains a mystery. Regardless, this classic tea blend is a popular favorite and has been for almost two centuries. In fact, when Twining’s changed its Earl Grey formula back in 2011, British citizens revolted. There was even a Facebook page created about the uproar!


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