Welp! It's that time of year again; finding those moldy yogurts in the back of your fridge from New Year's when you swore you were going to start eating healthier, those to-go guacamoles that went bad in December 2016, and that cereal you tested to see if it was stale, but then you got distracted and ended up eating the rest of the box. We know you're gonna get to your tea cupboard, so let's explore some of the pros and cons of common tea storage options!

The Spice Hut sachets come in resealable foil bags to conserve the freshness of your teas! Stack the boxes with labels ready to go in pretty designs for your cupboard. Order these boxes right here on the website or at the store!

Maybe you have a bunch of our sustainable paper tea bags piled on top of each other. These are great for knowing which tea is which, as the label is right there on the bag, but not so great for an organized kitchen. Plus, the tea has some air access in these bags and causes the tea not to last as long.

In something like a glass jam jar (like Ball or Mason) the sealed lid will help your tea make it to the two year mark before losing its potency...if you're one of those people who is able to control their tea consumption (I am not one of those people).

You can also use special tea tins to conserve your tea's time on this earth. We sell adorable, sleek, and even themed tea tins in the Spice Hut store! 

Tea Tip: Create your own labels to know which teas are which in your tins or jars!

Create the pantry of your dreams with matching tea tins filled with your favorite Spice Hut teas! Or, if you're like me, use Ball jars to enjoy the aesthetic of tea's herbs while enjoying the convenience of knowing when it's time to reorder!

Stay tuned for some more tips on spring cleaning from spices to teas to rices and peas! Sorry...had to.



Jar Pantry photo- https://alittleinsanity.com/free-mason-jar-pantry-printable/

Tea Tin photo- https://www.specialtybottle.com/metal-tin-containers/tea/tlat6


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