Spring Has Sprung

Ah, alas, the sun is finally shining in the Pacific Northwest. What's that old saying, "April showers bring May flowers?" Truer words have never been spoken for us Washingtonians. 

We all know that this new found sunshine brings about a sudden urge to clean out and organize everything we own, almost as a rebirth into the fresh air. I don't know how it is for you, but for me, I almost don't feel worthy of spring until I have decluttered my living space. 

I always start with my closet, but admittedly, clothes seem to be a vice for me. As the old goes out, I can't help but bring the new in. But hey, at least I'm trying right? 

Next comes paperwork, documents, receipts, old checks, and anything else of that variety that always inevitably ends up in a "junk drawer." Why is it so easy to hold onto these things we know we will never need? I'm fully aware I won't need the teeth cleaning reminder my dentist sends out every 6 months, but still, I can't help but toss it in my bed-side table every time it comes around. Although I do find comfort in knowing I'm probably not alone in this feat.

But one part of my apartment I always seem to neglect is my spice cabinet and my pantry. For starters, my spice cabinet is so jam-packed that I get a headache just thinking about it, and secondly, there is no light in my pantry, which shamefully makes me forget every grocery I just bought. 

I really want to break this cycle this spring. I know it's a tall order, but I think it's really important. I mean, we spend so much of our time and money collecting these items, with the intention to make something delicious at home... so why do we forget about them and cast them away?

I purchased a curry powder, fully intending to experiment with Indian cooking (one of my all time favorites), but I have not touched it in the 8 months of owning it. It's shoved so far back in my cabinet, that it doesn't even exist to me. I want to organize that spice shelf, bring the curry powder forward, and make the best curry chicken of my life (ok probably not the best, but you get it).

Who's with me? Let's re-claim our kitchens, experiment with the spices we spent our hard earned money on, and make the most of spring. 

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