7 Calming Teas | Sleep Teas | Anxiety deducing teas

 Calming Anxiety deducing teas - Steep, Enjoy and Relax ( All Caffeine Free )

Valerian Root Herbal Tea

Valerian root tea is one of the best teas that aids with insomnia and anxiety.  Valerian tea is best served when combined with chamomile tea and add a touch of honey. Our valerian root herbal tea is a natural solution for sleepless nights and to help reduce anxiety. If you're looking to unwind, this is the perfect tea for you!

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 Chamomile Dreams Herbal Tea

A calming blend of Egyptian chamomile infused with light citrus notes helps quell a stressful mind and restore order to the spirit after a hectic day. Smooth in taste, this tea is best enjoyed with a touch of honey and a cozy chair to drift away from the hustle and bustle of a long day.

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 Rainy Day Herbal Tea 

An herbal blend of chamomile, mint, rose hips, and raspberry leaves, combined with savory spices, provide the perfect balance of flavor for a relaxing day. Soothing aromas calm the senses and invoke a feeling of tranquility. A dash of honey helps bring out the natural flavors of the tea. It helps calm the soul and the body.

Best calming tea

Organic Golden Milk | Turmeric Tea Powder

Golden Milk combines turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger, to heal both minds and bodies of those who indulge in it. With origins in India, turmeric has been utilized for centuries for its healing components. Golden Milk is made by combining steam milk (of your choice) to our powder mixture and whisking together until smooth. Coconut or oat milk is a great alternative for a creamier drink!

Golden Milk

Seattle Rooibos Tea

Our signature Market Spice cinnamon-orange flavor now in an herbal caffeine-free version using African Redbush (Rooibos) tea. African Rooibos tea is known for its health and high anti-oxidant properties. This unique spicy naturally sweet flavor has become world famous originating in the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle. We recommend storing in an air-tight glass jar in the refrigerator to keep the flavorings fresh and moist. Pure African Rooibos tea cinnamon and orange flavorings and spices. Contains no sugar. | A rooibos version of Market Spice!

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 Elderberry Herbal Tea

    Elderberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins that boost your immune system. They help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart. Shown to have strong anti-bacterial properties and stimulate the immune system.

    Steep the berries in hot water for approximately 5 minutes and sip on the tart, sweet flavors. Perfect to drink around flu seasons. elderberries have been known for their healing properties.

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     Spirit Tea Herbal Tea

      Restore your spirit and ground your mind with the calming and soothing properties of chamomile and rosemary. The tingle of spearmint and cloves awaken your senses while the floral notes of lavender and rose petals help balance and clear your mind of the stresses from the day. Spirit Tea makes you feel comforted, and it’s great for fending off the effects of the common cold. We’re sure this will become your favorite evening tea.

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