last week i caught the flu - or maybe it was the flu caught me! i needed to sip on something warm and comforting so in my foggy-mind state, i turned to my wall of tea and started to think of what to drink. i saw the jar for tulsi tea... that was it, the choice was obvious. i can vouch that this tea reduced the length of my flu by a few days! typically the flu lasts at least two weeks for me but within a week i was starting to feel more like myself and within a few more days i was completely back to my normal self! love it, love nature!

as my cup of tea was steeping, i began to recall all the wonderful facts about this herb what make it so special – and i wanted to share that with all of you!

have you heard of tulsi?

for over 5000 years, tulsi has been considered india’s “queen of herbs” and is an essential healing herb found in every, medicine man’s or ayurvedic healer’s tool box. tulsi is also commonly known as holy basil.

tulsi plants are grown in many homes in india and also serves as an important symbol in the hindu religion.

tulsi plant fully grown:

tulsi is commonly used to help treat colds, fevers, headaches, stomachaches and other ailments as well as help reduce stress and promote calmness and strengthen immunity. it’s also rich in antioxidants! i’m telling you, there’s nothing this herb can’t help with!

little black tulsi seeds and plant in the pic below:

what does it taste like, you’re probably wondering? tulsi has a very sweet refreshing flavor - sort of like a blend of mint, basil, and cinnamon. no need to add any honey, its pretty sweet as it is. excellent as a hot tea or try it served over ice… you’ll definitely be pleased!



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