Whole Lotta Lavender

Lavender... You know it, you love it, and you probably have something in your household that is scented by it. But there's so much more than just aesthetics with this beautifully purple and fresh flower. 

Lavender, grown in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean mountains, is an herb that is primarily extracted for essential oils. 

But the coolest thing about lavender is the  effects it can have on your mental health and  overall well-being. It has been shown to treat and soothe anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, infections, and possibly even depression. When consumed as a tea, it can even help with nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, and gas.

When looking at lavender and anxiety specifically, research shows that the smell actually triggers our brains to calm our nerves. Even better, since it is a natural herb, it has no sedative qualities or risk of drug abuse. 

If you want a natural way to ease your mind and relax from the weight of your anxiety, try putting some lavender in a container in your bedroom or living room, and let the amazing smells consume your home. Or, if you also love the taste, try steeping it just like you would any other tea and drink it! I personally like to add milk and sugar to my lavender, and even drink it iced on the go. It also is a great additive to other teas, like Earl Grey, Rooibos Tea, Chamomile, and more!

Yay for lavender!





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