Add a Spicy Step to your Morning




It’s always difficult to climb out of bed on a Monday morning, and today was no exception. I wanted to hit snooze about 3 more times, but I managed to roll out of bed and wander in to the Spice Hut. I decided I needed a little pep in my step to I grabbed one of the more caffeinated black teas that we carry; Coffee Lover’s. Coffee Lover’s black tea combines a strong Ceylon black tea and actual coffee beans thrown in the mix. This combination of black tea and coffee is sure to wake you up in the morning! But…



I was worried that this might not be enough to shake this virulent ‘Case of the Mondays,’ so I added some spice to my cup. To accomplish this I added our Chili Chocolate black tea. Chili Chocolate is a combination of black loose leaf tea, large chocolate chunks, and hot and spicy chili flakes. It is guaranteed to wake up your senses!



Together, these two teas were just the ticket to conquering this morning! Come in and give it a try, or buy some and make it yourself!

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