Showing Love With Limitless Food & Tea

I'd like to think that in a past life, I was an old Italian or Persian grandmother, that showed her love and affection through food, and making sure everyone got enough to eat. I'd like to think I insisted a thousand times over that my guests should be eating more, even though they swore to me they were completely stuffed and full. 

I admit it, I show my gratitude of an individual by cooking for them, baking for them, and asking them every time I grab food to-go if they'd like anything too. 

I don't know what it is. I am fully aware that these people in my life that I love so much are not children. They are all adults, fully capable of feeding themselves, and asking for food if they want it. But something comes over me when I'm cooking, and it turns me back into that nurturing grandmother that wants everyone to have everything they want in the world. 

We all have our quirks.

I bring this up now, because I wanted to make a post about gratitude, and the little ways we show people we love them. 

Valentine's Day has always been my favorite holiday, because I get to go over the top for people and it doesn't seem eccentric. I remember being SO over the moon getting Valentine's from the boys in my class growing up, and convincing myself it was only me they gave one to, and not the mandatory whole class. 

I guess you could say I'm hopeless in that way. I love fiercely, and even more so, I love expressing that love in any way I can.

The past week my roommate has been really sick, and I've been making her tea. It made me realize... that's our thing. We make each other endless amounts of tea when the other is sick. That's how we show our gratitude and concern for the other. 

Why does food and tea have that effect? Bringing someone breakfast in bed, or a hot mug of tea... it's almost like saying to them "I want to give you the sustenance you need to survive, because I care about your well-being." Isn't that just the most special and pure thing?

When we first started living together, she bought me a chocolate cupcake (my favorite treat), and the first time I got really sick in our new apartment, she bought me a big bag of "Cold Eliminator" tea from the Spice Hut. I remember all these moments of genuine care, and they involved food and tea. 

I think that is so interesting, and so sweet. 

So, this Valentine's Day what will you offer up to those you love? Will it involve one of these two things? Why?

Regardless if it does or doesn't, I hope it is a special day for you, just like it is for me. I hope you always remember that feeling you got when the cute kid in your class gave you your "special Valentine."

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