Calling all the fellow cinephiles out there. The Oscars are coming in hot! Are you ready? 2018 was a slow paced year for film, and not many great movies were made (in my opinion). But among the mediocrity there were some diamonds in the rough, I will say. And just like many of you, I will be watching the Oscars this year, and rejoicing in others celebrating film just as I like to do.

If like me, you're planning on hosting a viewing party, here are some snacks I'd recommend you try out. 


What goes better with all things film related than a big bowl of popcorn? If you want to give a twist to this classic treat, then we have just the recipe for you. Our sweet & spicy cajun popcorn will peak the interest of all of your guests, and leave them wanting more!

This easy, 5-ingredient recipe will be a big hit at your Oscar's party.

Pulled Pork Sliders

Though this recipe calls for regular sized pulled pork sandwiches, I think sliders would be much more fun for an event like this. These sandwiches really make it seem like you know what you're doing (and maybe you do), and who doesn't love pulled pork!

Carne Asada

This one is a little more elaborate, but oh SO rewarding. Make your Oscar's party have a fiesta vibe to it. Whip out the chips and salsa, guac, and this incredible carne asada recipe. Allow yourself enough time to prep for this recipe, and fill your whole how with the delicious smells of steak, cilantro, and lime.

Hot Toddy's

Who doesn't love a good hot toddy? It's still the cold-wintery season, so why not embrace it with a warm, boozy beverage. Pop into The Spice Hut and pick up our easy hot toddy packs, or collect the ingredients on your own!

Hot toddy's are easy and fun to make, and will be an instant group favorite.


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