The Spice Rack Chronicles: 5 Must-Have Spice Seasonings for Fall

The Spice Rack Chronicles: 5 Must-Have Spice Seasonings for Fall

As a passionate cook and someone who absolutely loves the Fall season, I can't help but share my top 5 go-to spice seasonings for the Fall. These blends not only enhance the flavors of autumn dishes but also add a touch of warmth and depth to every meal. So, let's dive into my fall favorites!

Mojave Chili Seasoning | A Southwestern Tex-Mex Blend

Southwestern Tex Mex Seasoning for Tacos, Meats, Chili, Soups and Stews

First up on my list is the Mojave Chili Seasoning. What's not to love about this Southwestern tex-mex blend? It's perfect for chili, meat rubs, taco meat, and in sauces. Pizza Sauce? Yes. Pasta? Yes. What about sprinkling it on chicken? You bet! 
The reason I adore it for fall is its ability to bring that cozy, spicy warmth to hearty dishes. The combination of cumin, paprika, garlic, and crushed red pepper adds a burst of flavor that perfectly complements the crisp autumn air. Over the years, I think I’ve sprinkled this on every dish imaginable and it tastes great. It’s easy to use and will enhance the flavor of anything. It’s available in a salt-free version for those who like to control their sodium intake, or in a salted version for a ready-to-use blend that you can sprinkle and go! 


Mughal Masala | Indian-Inspired Blend for Veggies, Meats, & Soups

Indian inspired spice seasoning for lentils, soups, stews, and meats

The Mughal Empire of India (1500s-1858) left us not only with architectural wonders but also a rich culinary legacy. Mughal Masala pays homage to this heritage by offering a blend that's versatile and full of flavor. I turn to this spice mix during the fall because it brings a warmth and richness that’s unique. Whether I’m cooking lentils, roasting chicken, or making a soup, a dash of Mughal Masala brings a unique Indian flavor to my food. 

Mughal Masala is made with a blend of cumin, coriander, and black pepper which bring that exotic twist to autumn dining. Its rich, savory notes make it a go-to choice as the leaves start to change.


Moroccan Spice | A Cozy Seasoning for Fall Soups and Stews

Moroccan Seasoning for Fall Soups and Stews

When I think of a Fall soup, I reach for my Moroccan Spice! For those cozy fall evenings, Moroccan Spice is a true gem. Lately, my kids have been interested with Soups and exploring new flavors. Some of the stronger spice blends can be overpowering for developing palettes, but this Moroccan spice finds that sweet spot of adding a gentle flavor. 

It works wonders when added to fall soups and stews, making them heartier and more flavorful. And of course, the hint of sweetness from cinnamon pairs perfectly with fall vegetables like yams and carrots. It's a spice blend that embodies the essence of autumn with a touch of international flavor.


Mulling Spices | Classic Fall Blend of Cloves & Cinnamon

Classic Fall Mulling Spices for mulled wine and apple cider

Pumpkin Pies, Thanksgiving dinners, Mulled Wine, Apple Cider…these, my friends, embodies Fall in all it’s classic glory. You can’t think of these things without smelling the aromas of cinnamon and the warmth of cloves. Our Mulling Spice is a tip of the hat to those who love these autumnal traditions. 

This blend is specially-made for the season with a mix of cloves, cinnamon, and citrus peel, making it the ideal choice for crafting warm, spiced beverages like mulled wine or cider. Nothing beats sipping on a cup of mulled goodness by the fire on a chilly autumn night. 

This mulling spice will warm you up from head to toe!

Golden Milk | A Cozy, Healthy Drink for Warmth & Wellness

Ayurvedic Turmeric Golden Milk Drink for Health and Wellbeing

Last but certainly not least, we have Golden Milk. While traditionally enjoyed as a warming drink, I've found that it's equally delightful for cooking. Combining turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger, Golden Milk not only tantalizes your taste buds but also offers incredible health benefits. In the fall, when the weather turns cooler, this spice blend becomes the ace up my sleeve. 

I add it to soups, curries, and even baked goods, infusing them with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich goodness. It's a golden touch to fall cooking that your mind and body will thank you for. 

This mix is blended with Turmeric Powder and freshly ground spices. The result is an aromatic and strong flavor, where a little goes a long way. Each of the spices used in this blend bring their unique health benefits. This is traditionally an Ayurvedic beverage for overall health and wellness.

Whether you’re sipping a cup of Golden Milk or stirring a warm Fall soup, I hope the spices on this list bring you the same joy and happiness they do to me and my family. They’re easy to use for anyone wanting to bring more flavor to their food, whether you’re getting started in the kitchen or are a seasoned cook. 

Happy cooking and I hope you Savor the Flavor of the season!


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