how to make tea

This is a basic formula for making tea into a latte.

2 teaspoons of loose tea or 1 tea sachets + 3/4 cup of hot  water + 1/3 cup milk or creamer + sweetener (optional)

Here are some fun teas we suggest turning into lattes

Crème de la Earl

Crème de la Earl


Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove

Vanilla Blossom Black Tea


Orange Cream Rooibos Tea

orange cream tea

Amuraja Chai Tea

chai tea

This can also be done with Matcha or Golden Milk 


You can use any type of milk or creamer that you'd like: Dairy, Soy, Oat, Flax 


Any kind: sugar, brown sugar, honey, or date syrup.





Bring water to a boil, or if you’re using an electric kettle with a temperature setting, set it to 208°F. The quality of the water makes a difference — use filtered water if possible.

Put tea and hot water into a teapot and steep. Strain tea leaves. Stir in sugar


To recreate that perfect, cafe-quality steamed milk at home, use an electric milk frother. It heats milk and froths all at once, beautifully.

You can also froth milk using a French press. Heat milk on low on the stovetop and once little bubbles start forming along the sides, take off heat and pour milk into a French press. Pump the French press plunger up and down a few times until milk has doubled in volume.


Into a teacup, pour in the tea then top with the frothed milk.


chai latte 




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