Untraditional, Traditional Taco Tuesday’s

This blog post, photos & recipe is courtesy of Jennifer Cyphers


Two things that go great together, Tuesdays and Tacos. 


By now almost everyone  across America knows about this increasingly popular tradition enjoyed on Tuesdays. Who started the term is under much debate. But what is fact is that in 1989, Taco John’s®️, operating mainly out of the Midwest, trademarked the term “Taco Tuesday.” 

I have always preferred to participate in Taco Tuesday in the comfort of my own home.  Warming up the shells in the oven, seasoning the meats to my taste, having an endless option of toppings to make your perfect taco. Lots of sour cream and verde for me please! 

But who says your taco night has to be in the traditional form? It’s nice to change it up and shock your tastebuds into enjoying new ways to eat this yummy food. 

Recently, I came across two new recipes that have since become a household favorite:


Crockpot Pork Tenderloin Carnitas and Sweet Potato Tortillas.


The pork (or substitute with chicken or beef) is simple, just add pork to crockpot with rub on it, dump the rest of the ingredients over the top and cook for 6 hours. EASY....right? Now comes the more difficult (or I made it more difficult than it should have been) part- the,


Sweet Potato Tortillas


Just a few ingredients to make these delicious, vegan tortillas which perfectly compliment the spice in the pork carnitas. 

Both recipes I followed are attached. But I tend to make things more my own. So I added The Spice Hut Fleur de Sel (or any of their amazing salts would work) and their Taco Seasoning to the pork rub mixture. Use more or less jalapeños to please your level of spicy.  

I hope you enjoy this untraditional, traditional Taco Tuesday! 


The Spice Hut spices used in this recipe 

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