Have you ever wondered why chai is so different than other teas? Well, you're not alone. Chai tea is very unique in flavor, and has specific components to make it the way it is. 

Chai is traditionally a black tea, and it originated in India. The spices incorporated into the tea started because of the high prices of black tea. Adding other ingredients helped to reduce the cost of black tea.

Some key players in making chai, well, chai, are cardamom, pepper, and cinnamon. 

At the Spice Hut we have a chai for everyone in the family. Our more sweet chais are our coconut chai, chocolate chai, and our nirvana chai.

Our spicier chais are our Shimla chai and Mundir's chai

Along with black tea chai, we also have a few rooibos tea chai options, and a green tea chai!

How we make you a perfect cup of chai at the Spice Hut in just 4 steps:

First, you chose a chai from our tea wall, equipped with 15 different chai options to chose from. Ranging from spicy, to cinnamon-y, to sweet. 

Second, we grab the chai you've chosen and bring it over to our tea bar. Here is the Nirvana Chai, mentioned previously. It is a rooibos chai, naturally caffeine-free, with delicious coconut blended with it!

Then, we steep your chai- depending on the type it is, the steep times will vary. For this chai, since it is a rooibos, we've found that the steeping sweet spot is 5-7 minutes. Well worth the wait!

Lastly, you have a perfect cup of chai. Usually we recommend adding milk or sugar (we do offer milk substitutes, and sugar-free sweeteners), but make it yours! After all, it is your perfect drink. 


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