I don’t know about you, but I feel like everyone’s birthday is from March to June. This becomes quite difficult to think of unique gifts for each person. I mean, you don’t want to show up to someone’s party, have them open their gift from you, and then another one of your friends says, “Oh, yeah! She got me that, too!” Nightmare. So, my go-to gifts destination is the Spice Hut. Online and in-store, we have so many cute and personable products for someone you love. No one wants to get another thing of lotion or a gift card to Olive Garden. All they want is to know you gave them a little extra thought on their birthday! I’m going to give you some killer gift ideas that everyone will ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ about at their next birthday party!

  1. The 20 Tea Collection

Okay, this one is almost too easy. All you have to do is buy it and hand it over! The classy, silver tin holds 20 of our most popular teas from each category. Some give you energy, while others relax your mind. Tie some pretty ribbon around it for the perfect present presentation! You know what they say: Life is like a box of 20 sample teas…You never know what you’re gonna get. Only you do because it’s listed on the website. 

  1. Matcha Kit

If your birthday girl or guy wants to boost their metabolism, get some energy, lose weight, and/or have radiant skin, it’s time to buy them a matcha kit. This kit comes with an almost 2-ounce tin of green matcha, a bamboo whisk (chasen), and a bamboo tea scoop (chashaku). Come on. How fancy are you going to sound? Like, “What? You don’t scoop your matcha with a chashaku?! Well, here. You’re welcome.” 

  1. Infusion for Beginners

Loose-leaf tea is majestic. Bags are great for convenience, but there is nothing better than slowing down to steep the perfect amount of your tea in its natural state. You get to see all the beautiful colors and shapes, like the gorgeous bloom of a Dragon Teardrop. Put a Spice Hut gift card in a cute bag with a brewing basket and tea bags for when your birthday royalty is on the go!


  1. The Day Out

Finally, it is time for my favorite gift. Take that birthday person off their birthday bum and get them over to the Spice Hut! Let your loved one pick out their favorite teas, spices, tea pots, infusers, and more with the help of one of our spice girls! Then have a seat and catch up on old times while you enjoy the best bubble teas in town! Remember your day together with matching jackets, now 50% off in-store! Make the day all about them and your special bond.


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