With well over 150 teas at the Spice Hut, it can get a little daunting to choose the right ones for you. The Spice Hut has a handful of carefully selected employees who have a passion for quality tea, fresh spices, and wellbeing. What better way to pick a new tea to try, or to get started drinking tea, by hearing from the experts themselves?! Everyone is different in their bodies and souls, so I think you’ll vibe with at least one of these awesome people. As always, if you have questions about these teas, or any others, stop into the Spice Hut and see for yourself! Now, let’s hear from our Spice Girls and Boys! I’ve asked them, including myself, this question: “What is your favorite tea, and why?” And here is what they said!


Mundir (founder and owner): "I pick Buddha’s Chai because of the sweet and spicy flavor, and the comfort I get from each sip."

Things Mundir didn’t mention:

  • This tea is specially crafted to help you stay relaxed and focused- perfect for a stressful work day.
  • Buddha’s Chai is one of our most popular chai teas.
  • She changed her mind like 93 (give or take 90) times for this question.

Tanvir (owner): "Superior Jade Oolong, because of its unique production process, no two cups are ever alike. It's got the best strength and boldness of a black tea and the sweet grassiness of green tea."

Things Tanvir didn't mention:

  • Superior Jade Oolong is our second most expensive tea, and for good reason! A "superior" label means it is one of the most excellent teas in the world.
  • This tea helps boost your metabolism a whole bunch to aid in wight loss, motivation, and mood.
  • Tanvir is Mundir's son.

Jasmyne: "Definitely Rooibos Carrot Cake because it tastes like desserts! Obvi. I add a packet of stevia to a 16-ounce cup."

Things I didn’t mention:

  • Rooibos helps improve skin and hair health.
  • I remove the white chocolate chips because I’m vegan, but I hear that those combined with caramel sauce in the tea is amazing.
  • I've been drinking this tea almost every morning for like four months. The other days, I drink Rainy Day to stay chill like Courtney.

Courtney: "I really like Rainy Day. It’s a soothing tea because of the chamomile that’s in it."

Things Courtney didn’t mention:

  • Rainy Day has a sweet and delicious taste!
  • Since it is one of our most popular herbal teas, you can buy it in bulk at the Spice Hut store.
  • Courtney is the most chill employee we have, so it looks like Rainy Day really does do the trick!

Cara: "Sunflower Blossoms poured over ice is my favorite tea because it gives me the perfect caffeine boost and a little taste of summer no matter what time of year it is!"

Things Cara didn’t mention:

  • Sunflowers are great for your mood
  • This tea has real mango and pineapple in it
  • Cara is the manager of the Spice Hut store, and besides the owners, has worked here the longest out of anybody, so you know she's tried everything.

Charles: "Lemon Ginger because it’s nice that it doesn’t have that much caffeine and it’s still super yummy."

Things Charles didn’t mention:

  • Ginger helps to soothe the stomach and aid in digestion
  • You can pick up Lemon Ginger in the Spice Hut store
  • Charles originally chose Buddha's Chai, but I made him choose his second favorite because Mundir changed her mind and she owns the place, so...

    Megan: "Key Lime Rooibos as an iced tea. There is raw rooibos in the key lime blend, which has more vitamins and minerals than regular rooibos and has a more tart flavor."

    Things Megan didn't mention:

    • This tea is on sale right now!
    • It's rich in antioxidants, to help prevent cancer.
    • Megan's second favorite tea is Rooibos Chai as a hot tea for the health benefits and the spicy chai flavor!

    Epiphanie: "I love Milk Oolong tea because it’s got this super creamy, light and floral flavor that I don’t have to add anything to! I also love that I can re-steep the leaves a few times."

    Things Epiphanie didn't mention:

    • Milk oolong, like Superior Jade Oolong, has so many amazing health benefits.
    • A little goes a long way with this tea.
    • This is one of China's long-time favorite teas, too!


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