What is it about hot and humid summer nights that make going to work so hard the next morning? Could it be the constant tossing and turning at night because your store-bought fans just aren't cutting it? Or could it be the fact that you wish you could be out enjoying the sunshine while it lasts?

Let's say it's both.

So, if you're anything like me in the summer, then you try and savor every last bit of time in bed in the morning, and will under no circumstances get up and out sooner than you need to. 

That mantra usually leaves me with lunchables and pb&j's for lunch every day. But what if I could have the best of both worlds? What if I could put minimal effort into preparing my lunches AND get to sleep in as late as possible?

I have spent a long time trying to come up with a perfect anecdote for this scenario, but the truth is, we're only human, and we can only control so much.

Here I have come up with a few "lunch hacks" if you will, for those of us that are sick of pb&j's, but also just c a n ' t in the mornings. 


Make Everything in Bulk

Usually pasta or salad work best for this method. On Sunday evening, if you find a simple recipe that can be preserved in the fridge for a couple days, make a lot of it. That way, in the mornings all you have to do is ration a bit into a container and take it to work with you. My favorite quick & easy throw-together meal is:

  • Bow tie pasta
  • Pesto sauce
  • Cucumber (cut up)
  • Cherry tomatoes (halved if you prefer)
  • Grilled chicken
  • A bit of garlic powder and onion powder on the chicken

And voila! A delicious, simple lunch for the next couple of days, that honestly tastes good hot or cold.


Snacks Are Important

Let's face it, one thing to eat all day at work just isn't going to cut it. It's important to have small things that are easy to grab on your way out the door that you'll have to munch on throughout the day.

Some things I find nice to have at work are:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Crackers, maybe with a bit of cream cheese & Luigi seasoning on top
  • Sugar coated fennel~ in case you have a sweet tooth


Teas Can and Will Benefit You When it Comes to Digestion

Keeping tea at work is always a great idea- there are many teas that help suppress appetite, aid digestion, help with pesky allergies, sickness, and a multitude of other things.

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