Back To School Resolutions

As the 2018 school year approaches, I can't help but reflect on my accomplishments (both small and large) from the past year. What is it about fall that makes it feel like a rebirth, more so than January 1st?

Maybe it's the reminiscence of going back to school, recreating yourself, and promising that you will finally do away with all your vices and tendencies. For me, it's knowing that I will have a constant in my life. Something I consistently have to do every single day no matter how much I would rather sleep, or binge watch Netflix. 

I will pat myself on the back this year though, and congratulate all of the positive habits I have picked up. 

Drinking more water and TEA has been a saving grace for my immune system. Last school year I never quite felt as though I was at 100% health wise. It was always something... a cold, a flu, allergies (!!). Since becoming an avid tea drinker, I have not (knock on wood) been sick, or had any allergies. It has been a great triumph in my life, as someone who used to get sick even if someone two blocks away from me happened to sneeze in my general direction.

Rooibos teas have demolished my seasonal allergies. Among these delicious blends, my favorite Rooibos is Orange Cream or Nirvana Chai. I have two specific customers that come to mind, two people who have never met, that rejoice in our Paradise Cove as their saving grace when it comes to allergies. How crazy is it that a tea can do that for someone? And it tastes delicious, and is something to actually look forward to every day, instead of a pesky pill.

I think that's a good secret to longer, happier lives. Is finding small tidbits of happiness in the little things. Things like, enjoying a cup a tea every day. Maybe that's just me. But I think you should try it too.

Another small victory I have began to overcome, is home cooking. Finding easy, but impactful recipes that I can make for myself and friends. I don't think there really is a big secret to cooking. I think it's just picking things and flavors you enjoy, and giving yourself an honest shot at it, and knowing that it is ok to fail or mess up.

Some of my favorite Spice Hut Recipes are the Northwest Steak and the Roasted Veggies - My roommate and I made this dish together and enjoyed every minute.

So I guess my resolutions this school year, are to always try new things, even if they seem weird or scare me. Continue drinking tea, and lots of it. And to cook at home for myself as often as I possibly can. 

So let's cheers to this upcoming school year, and try to vow to enjoy the small things!

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  1. avatar Mary says:

    I drink a lot of water and now I want some tea.

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