What and What Not to Add to Your Cup of Tea (Plus a QUIZ!)

I’m always talking about how important it is to listen to your body, and how no two bodies are alike. Well, the same goes for something as simple as additives for your tea. Sugar, honey, cream and more have been added to tea for thousands of years. When Great Britain started adding cream and sugar to their tea, everyone had to be just like the queen. Today, most developed countries are mixing their tea up to give it a sweeter flavor and/or a creamier texture.

But, when we are deciding what to add in, we have to consider our bodies and minds (of course). I mean, when Adele lost all of her weight, it turns out, she didn’t join a gym or Weight Watchers. She didn’t become vegan or hire a personal trainer. She simply stopped drinking tea. Adele was one of those English folks who had tea every day with tons of cream and sugar stirred in. So, in this way, we can see it wasn’t the tea that made Adele gain weight…it was what she was putting in the tea.

Think about what you put in your tea. As for me, I am satisfied with a packet of stevia to my 16-ounce morning cup of any tea I’m drinking (right now, I am obsessed with Rainy Day herbal tea). Take the quiz below to find out what’s the best combo of additives for your tea, if any! For this quiz, take into account your preferences before any medical necessity. I’ll let you know in the some of the questions how to best accommodate to your needs and wants. Record your answers along the way and add them all up for your results at the bottom. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. The Spice Hut is a team of tea experts and enthusiasts. Please consult your doctor before making any big changes to your diet.

1. How sweet do you like your tea?
    a. Bitter like the dirt or sour like a patch kid.
    b. Just a bit to cut the strength of the tea.
    c. Sweet enough where I can’t taste the herbiness (yes, it’s a word) of the tea.
    d. The question is, ‘How tea do I like my sweet?’
        2. How creamy do you like your tea?
          a. Not creamy at all. Just water thin.
          b. How I like my men…a little comforting smoothness.
          c. Pretty creamy, but not super thick or milky.
          d. Let’s just say that first, I add the cream to my cup.
            3. How do you do with refined sugar? If you avoid refined sugar for other reasons, just select answer D.
              a. It doesn’t affect my mood or energy level at all.
              b. I spike a little in the mid-morning, but it’s nothing to write home about.
              c. I get pretty irritated after a while, and/or I spike mid-morning and crash around 3 in the afternoon.
              d. Refined sugar basically turns me into a monster.

              4. How’s your body with dairy? If you avoid dairy for any other reason, simply choose answer D.

              a. I don’t notice any negative effects of dairy on my body.
              b. My tummy gets a bit churny (also a word), but I can still function.
              c. You can most likely find me in the bathroom for a good part of the day if I have dairy.
              d. I avoid dairy at all costs. Nope, no thank you.

              5. What’s your favorite kind of tea?

              a. Black or green.
              b. Maté or chai.
              c. White or oolong.
              d. Herbal or rooibos.


              Time for the results!

              I actually recommend reading the other results after the one you got, so you can get some more ideas of things to try! This time, DO take into account any medical needs you may have (avoiding dairy, sugar, etc.).


              Mostly A’s:

              Oh, you purist. I bet you listen to records and use unscented lotion. If you like, don’t add anything to your tea. You’d best enjoy it when you can taste every unique part of it. If you decide to mix it up one day, squeeze in some lemon for a sweeter flavor that doesn’t take away from the taste of the herbs. Cinnamon would be another delicious addition for you (tastes great in Darjeeling Margaret’s black tea). You could even just pour it over a bunch of ice for a nice iced tea on a hot day.


              Mostly B’s:

              Alright, so you probably didn’t vote in the last election or you don’t have a Facebook because it’s too mainstream. I feel it. Or perhaps you just want a drink that you can sip on in the morning while you’re responding to emails, and not have to worry about if you added too much or too little of something. Just relax and maybe add a splash of your favorite milk with a half packet of raw cane sugar. This way, you’re enjoying the best of your tea, without any overwhelming flavors going on in your cup. This combo would taste really nice in Vanilla Coconut white tea.


              Mostly C’s:

              Oh yeah, I see you. Your tea is probably a pretty big part of your morning, and maybe of your whole day! You need a drink mixture that simultaneously relaxes you and gets you focused. A little steamed or boiled cashew milk will add the right amount of creaminess and healthy fats to help you sustain a good energy level until you’re done with the day. Adding a little agave nectar or maple syrup to any tea tastes awesome, too. Plus, your body processes them differently than refined sugar, so say goodbye so sugar crashes! Maple syrup is amazing in Rooibos Carrot Cake tea (available in-store) and Infusion for Women (not for pregnant women).


              Mostly D’s:

              So maybe you just like to mix it up in all parts of your life, but your taste buds are bored. No problem. I like to stay on the safe and healthy side with what I put in my body. For sweetness, add a little stevia or monk fruit. These are great sweeteners that are zero calories with no effect on your blood sugar. If you have diabetes or are just watching your sugar intake, these are great options. Try adding coconut milk to your tea too, or even whisk up some coconut cream for a whipped cream on top. This addition of healthy fats will actually help your body better sustain energy throughout the day, plus it makes for a thick and creamy tea. For sure, try it in Blueberry Rooibos tea. It tastes like dessert in a cup!


              Thirsty for more?

              Click here to find out which tea is right for you!


              Cover photo: Medical News Today

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